Types of Child Counseling

There are many effective types of child counseling, including psychotherapy. This type of therapy allows the counselor to have therapeutic interactions and conversations, not only with children, but with their families as well.

The approaches vary when giving psychotherapy, as do the intervention techniques used. In many cases several approaches are combined to treat a child in need of counseling.

Here are the various types of psychotherapy often used on children:

• Dialectical Behavior
• Interpersonal
• Psychodynamic
• Cognitive
• Family

Older children often benefit from Dialectal Behavior Therapy because it teaches them how to take responsibility for any problems they have. This is often the method of choice for any adolescent that feels suicidal on a regular basis. Patients are taught healthy ways to deal with negative emotions, no matter how intense they are. Individual and group therapy sessions are often used in this type of counseling.

A short treatment program often includes interpersonal therapy. This is the method used to counsel children suffering from depression. However, it is used to treat many other conditions as well. In this type of therapy the counselor takes a close look at how a child is affected by interpersonal events in their life. Problem relationships between the patient and other children or adults are used in interpersonal therapy to teach patients to manage their own emotions.

Many counseling sessions with children involve psychodynamic therapy. This type of therapy places an emphasis on the feelings of the patient. It is used to determine why a child is behaving the way they are. Behavior patterns are identified and they are taught how to deal with their innermost emotions and conflict. Counseling that uses psychodynamic therapy is extremely intense counseling in which children meet with their therapist many times each week.

Cognitive behavior therapy is also a technique used with children. Those suffering from anxiety or chronic bad moods often benefit from this type of counseling. Children are taught the proper ways to identify patterns of thought that are harmful to them. They are also taught how to think appealing, positive and healthy thoughts.

When the whole family needs to be involved in a child’s treatment, counselors work with children and their families to ensure that everyone treats everyone else in a fair and kind way.


Children who need counseling are treated with the utmost respect and concern. Each child’s case is handled confidentially.

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