Family Time, The Life Serum For Family Bonding

One of the most common traits of families that end with breakup is that 99% of those families do not give importance to family time. When counseling couples, family counselors come across this very frequently.

Experienced marriage counseling experts always make it a point to recommend their clients to mark a time for family time in their daily timetable. What you do during that family time does not really matter as long as all the family members are together for that time. Healthy families have quality family time daily and such families seldom have a need to approach a counselor or a psychologist because they have all the tensions and stress eased out during the family time in a natural and healthy fashion.

It is also noted that families with poor bonding often have disturbed children. Parents that look for counseling for children are mostly from families that have no or very little family time. There is certainly a clear pattern or correlation between family time and breakups.

It does not matter whether you are newly married or you have been married for several years now. If you have not been giving importance to family time all along then it is imperative that you review your lifestyle closely and allocate time for your family. Ideally, ‘family time’ should happen every day. If there are practical difficulties in achieving this goal try to make it at least twice a week.

It should not be surprising to see the correlation between family time and drop in breakup rate. Couples breakup only when they cannot stand the company of each other. Unfortunately, in many situations, this gap is an induced gap. First couples stop spending time because they are too busy with their work life and therefore they are unable to give time for family. This over a period of time becomes a normal thing and the couple stops missing the company of each other. This further moves to a stage whereby even if there is a chance to spend time together, the couple start disliking the company. Do not think that this is a farfetched example, this is what is happening in most of the families today.

Wives either working or otherwise looking for counseling for women place this as a frequent complaint to the counselor. They would not have had quality family time for years but they merely co-exist under the same roof.

Family time helps the couples get into the other person’s world and it helps them understand what is going on in the other person’s world. This in turn helps the partners understand why the other person is behaving in the way that they are. When such an understanding is gained then the tolerance level will also be boosted between couples.

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Building and retaining a healthy family involves ongoing efforts. The least one could do to keep the relationship enjoyable and to keep the love burning is to have quality time with your family daily or at least twice in a week.

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